Java technical interview guide: part two - some answers

In July I posted a set of questions for a Java technical evaluation based on an eval I did for my employer. This is part two where I add some answers to those questions.

Interviewers: many of these questions are very open ended and this post only lists one of many right answers. This is only a starting point for conducting a decent Java interview, its no replacement for face to face time, live coding, etc.

Developers/interviewees: if you are relying soley on this post and others like it on to get through interviews or, heaven forbid, to get a job, you are only hurting yourself in the long run. =)

Object Oriented Principles

Java Basics

Some very fundamental questions I think any "non-beginner" level dev should know. If there are a lot of problems with these it may not be worth continuing.

Java Intermediate/Advanced

More later as time always, comments and corrections are greatly appreciated.

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