Flipbooks – Be one step ahead with your online sales

Every year it is the same and every year it still surprises me how fast the January sales season arrives, then it’s the Easter sales or it’s Black Friday, again!  There is always another seasonal sale around the corner.  I just about get through the insanity of the Christmas season crowds or the ‘Back to School’ rush then wallop, the sales start again!  It is also so competitive online these days; to keep up with my competition is a full time job in itself.  People are smarter and are using the internet in a more intelligent way so to keep up and to not lose out to my rivals meant I had to do something to improve my marketing of my sales for each season and that is when this Issuu alternative stepped in!

I have to turn around a certain amount of stock and in order to do this I need to tell people I’m having a sale.  But why can’t it be easier?  My shop can only hold so much stock and no one likes to always see a store having sales all the time.  I had to find a solution to maintaining an attractive busy shop environment while having online sales to maximise my revenue.   I thought this would be impossible because I didn’t have the time but I was wrong.  It’s easier now thanks to my new found love of creating flipbooks.  I can make exciting sales every season of the year on my website with minimal fuss and best of all for free.
Seasonal sales can be easy and stress free thanks to flipbooks, let me show you how.  

Flipbooks give customers the very best

I have a whole year to plan for them and a whole year to be prepared for the busiest times in trading but every time without fail I have to rush my marketing efforts and I have to struggle from season to season to keep up with my sales promotions.   I have so many ideas on how to use the internet to do this but I never have the time. Who was I kidding thinking I knew how to build and update my website? I love to give my customers the very best and the very latest produce so I am always investing in new stock, but like everyone I also have to sell the remaining items I had and online retail is the perfect solution for this.  

I know there is a market for what I have but I always struggled every day to keep my website up to date and competitive.  I felt terrible seeing wonderful items gathering dust in my storage rooms and never even making it onto my website because it was far too complicated and time consuming to keep up.  I lost money and I had to compromise my shop with ‘discount corners’ or even worse throwing items away – it was terrible!  
I spent quite a bit of time looking at what my direct competitors where up to online, as they seem to be always one step ahead of me in the seasonal sales on their websites. Then one day I noticed a brilliant little flipbook one website had and I knew it was the solution for me.

I now have a quick, simple and free way to make my seasonal sales look great, function well and best of all I have seen my seasonal sales revenue increase year on year and my stock room is almost empty!  Now my shop is packed with excellent new items and my website works hard for the business selling the older stock, making sure we are always offering the best prices way before the other sites I used to envy.

I have never been more grateful to those few hours I spent researching online and now I can share with you how easy it is to get them most from your seasonal sales online without you having to do the work I had to do.  Let me introduce you to creating your own flipbooks for free.

Free sharable flipbooks that will increase your revenue

I know it sounds too good to be true but believe me it really is as simple and as easy as I say it is to make your online seasonal sales stress free and hugely successful.  With free online tools there is always a worry about the end product not really looking that good or even working as well as you’d hoped.  I always thought this and as the old saying goes “you pay peanuts and you get monkeys”, well not on this html5 flipbook service!   

The flipbooks are totally customable to suit the rest of your website, your companies brand and to look exactly like all your designs you have done before. You can add your logo, messages and any number of recognisable brand information that your customers trust.   And as for function, I have never used or seen such simple yet effective web content –it’s like a dream come true!   Imagine that, customisable website content that takes only a few minutes but can truly represent your company and can run like clockwork 100% of the time!   

When I used to look at other website showcasing their seasonal sales I was always so impressed but I assumed that I could never afford to have such a great tool on my website – well, I was wrong.  The free flipbooks have opened up my seasonal sales to a wider audience without compromising on my company at all, in fact they have done nothing but enhance it.

It is also not just the customisation of the flipbooks that I love, I also love how easily I can share them with well, pretty much the whole world!  I can take the flipbooks I create and I can embed them in my website and email them to my mailing lists.  I can share them as well through the small but ever growing social media followers I have.  The flipbooks are so enjoyable and usable I have had new customers every sale season because people love my online content.  I have even had people coming to me at the store saying that they wanted to see more of what I have because they loved my flipbooks and wanted to see the shop for themselves!

Try it today to see how easy it is for yourself.

Flipbook publishing may sound very complicated and advanced but it really isn’t.  Believe me I am a novice at all things ‘digital’ or ‘online’, but creating a flipbook is simple. Here is my guide for you to use so you can see for yourself how easy it really is. Here is how you can create your first flipbook.  

WARNING: once you start creating flipbooks, you will want to create more!

You then click on the link and upload the PDF format of your sales catalogue or brochure.  Depending on how large the PDF file is the upload may take around 3-6 minutes and then you are done.  You will have a flipbook ready to be embedded into your website, social media sites and even in email so you can send it directly to customers.

Once you have the flipbook it is up to you how you share them with your customers.  This flipbook service allows you to maximise the potential of the flipbooks you create by making them so easy to use and if you have any problems, there is online support at the click of a button. They are very understanding and really do offer great support when you get started.

To get the most out of your flipbook I recommend you do a few things. First of all, embed the publication on your website as it really brings a website to life! It doesn’t need to be the whole publication; you can link to the cover using one of the many widgets available if you want to keep your website content levels down.   Each time a new season of sales comes around, upload the new PDF to create a new flipbook and replace it on your home page.  Easy as pie!
If you really want to make the most out of your flipbooks I would take advantage of the 30 days free trail so you can see for yourself the infinite possibilities of online publishing.  

If you still don’t believe me that these flipbooks are effective, try looking underneath the ‘digital hood’.  Try linking your flipbook directly to Google Analytics so you can track who is using it and how they are using it so you can improve your flipbooks and where you share them time after time.  It’s so easy to do and I can assure you, as someone who has used this issuu alternative services, what I received was the best possible online tool for my seasonal sales I ever dreamed of without a single compromise.