Java technical interview guide - part 1

update 8/31/05: I have written part two with some possible answers. Also, renamed the post.

I did a technical evaluation for a candidate my employer was looking at awhile ago, so I had an opportunity to try and figure out a good set of technical questions for a prospective intermediate level Java web developer. I'll just present a whole bunch of questions I came up with - no answers though. I might start up an answers post at a later date, but I don't want to make this too easy for those trying to fool interviewers. =) Obviously, if you ask every question I have listed here your interview could take hours, so pick and choose what you like. I'd be interested in feedback for ideas on important topics I've overlooked or questions that are unfair or unnecessary. I've tried to avoid things that can be easily answered with a quick google search, such as basic syntax and API method questions.

Anyways, on to the questions.

General Intro Questions

Just laying the ground work to help lead the way for areas to focus on...

Object Oriented Principles

Java Basics

Some very fundamental questions I think any "non-beginner" level dev should know. If there are a lot of problems with these it may not be worth continuing.

Java Intermediate/Advanced

Java Collections


If a developer works only in the heavily abstracted world of Spring/Hibernate/whatever, they may not have had to touch an actual Runnable since college. Still, its good to know about threading at least on a basic level.

Servlets and JSPs

Design Patterns

Open Ended Questions

These questions are more to just stir discussion and debate and to get a feel for the candidate, rather then to get the "right" answer.

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